About Us

HASHTAG SUPPLY CO. is an inspirational lifestyle brand founded by portrait and fashion photographer, Ari Dorfman. By hoping to tell his clients stories through photographs, Ari realized that his clients wanted to be express themselves even more. "Today's generation is big on wanting to be seen and wanting to express their originality." Hearing this over and over again, Ari set out to find a way this group could express themselves even more and this is how HASHTAG SUPPLY CO. was born.

Why HASHTAG SUPPLY CO.? Hashtags are not only a way to help search for topics online, it is also a way to put emphasis on something. We want each and everyone of you to stand tall and proud and have your story heard and that is why we decided on HASHTAG SUPPLY CO. Isn’t that #awesome?!?

 The main mission of HASHTAG SUPPLY CO. is to show everyone that it’s ok to be yourself, to be original. We believe everyone is beautiful on the inside and outside and because of this, we have decided to donate a portion of our sales to the organization, To Write Love On Her Arms, an organization dedicated to helping young people that are dealing with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. 

HASHTAG SUPPLY CO. currently is online with The Case Shop where we sell beautifully designed cell phone cases. In the next few months, we will be adding The Poster Shop, The Mug Shop, and the T-Shirt Shop all stocked with beautifully designed products for you to express yourself and your individuality.

We love our customers and you all are the inspiration for our existence. If you would like, please drop us a line and say hello at hello@hashtagsupply.net or on Facebook and Twitter.